Champlin’s returns to HDC with landscape plans

Thu, 03/25/2021 - 6:15pm

Representatives of the new owners of Champlin’s Marina (Great Salt Pond Marina Property, LLC) came before the Historic District Commission on Monday, March 22 with their second application before the board. The first application was to replace windows, trim and siding. This application is for hardscaping and landscaping at the resort off West Side Road (Plat 19, Lots 5 and 6).

Champlin’s Project Executive Mark Banfield introduced Landscape Architect John Carter, who walked the commission members through the proposed layout plans for the property.

“What we tried to do was bring a little bit of organization to [the property] and create a sense of arrival,” said Carter.

The proposed layout plans include improvements to the entrance with a roundabout, parking spaces, and trash areas, as well as improved plaza and patio areas down by the Great Salt Pond that will be surrounded by decorative pilings, benches, railings, plantings, and lighting.

“Our main feature as you can see is a circle – a roundabout – that creates, in our opinion, a sense of arrival,” said Carter.

“It’s easy to come through, and around, to pick up and drop off,” added Banfield.

The HDC members spent a good deal of time discussing parking, although the clerk reminded them that parking was not within their jurisdiction. New parking is proposed behind the movie theater, replacing the tennis courts currently in that area.

“My question is,” said member Mike Ballard, “where do local people park to access this area? If they go to the parking lot by the tennis courts, it’s a long way to hike. If you invite the public in, there needs to be more inviting parking access to that area.”

“We will take a look at that,” said Banfield.

Member Arlene Tunney asked why the playground was being removed from near the pool. “It is well used in the summertime,” she said.

As for the proposed patio and plaza areas down by the units next to the Great Salt Pond, Carter said: “The plaza is currently wall to wall – there’s an existing retaining wall along the [Great Salt Pond], and to the left below is the manager’s residence. We are planning to cut back and add planting. That plaza area is going to be excavated, it needs to be redone in some form or another. We are proposing to use exposed-aggregate concrete.” (Exposed-aggregate concrete is a way of finishing it to make it look decorative, like granite or other cut stone surfaces.) “The area we are calling the patio is solid concrete,” added Carter, noting that plank pavers and post-and-rope railings will be utilized in the area.

Chair Bill Penn asked: “What are you looking for from us?”

“We are not making any changes to the building, really it’s just the hardscapes,” answered Banfield. “We would like you to make the decisions tonight.” Champlin’s is hoping to be ready to open to the public on May 1.

Ballard made a motion to approve the proposed application for the layout of the patio and plaza, but they asked for the applicant to come back with additional details on trash receptacles and benches. The motion was seconded by Penn, and unanimously approved by the commission.

Final plans for Sheffield House approved

Ed Hayde returned to the commission after receiving feedback at the March 11 session, to provide more detail and scaling on an oval window on the front of the Sheffield House off High Street (Plat 7, Lot 67).

“We asked you to come back with a drawing of the street elevation, with the exact dimensions of the new oval window, which you have done,” said Penn. “I think it fits in well with the façade.”

“I think the scale is good,” said member Kay McManus.

Tunney made a motion to accept the oval window with white trim, with the motion seconded by Ballard and approved unanimously.