Candidates file for offices

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 8:15pm

Here are the declared candidates for open seats on various town boards, including the Town Council. The declaration of candidacy period closed at Block Island Town Hall on Wednesday, June 27:

Town Council:

First Warden: Ken Lacoste (R) and Mark Emmanuelle (I).

Second Warden: André Boudreau (D).

At-Large: Martha Ball, (D), Paul Filippi (I), Sven Risom (D), Les Slate (I), Chris Willi (D).

Housing Board: John Spier

Tax Assessor: Cynthia Geer (R)

Land Trust: Harold Hatfield, Keith Lang, Barbara MacMullan

Town Sergeant: Tom Durden (D)

General Assembly: Blake Filippi (R)

All of these positions are important, and each candidate can contribute to the many discussions taking place now. Is Block Island making the most out of its conserved properties? How do we solve our housing shortages? What can the state do for us? All of these candidates are approachable, and it’s never too early to engage them in a conversation about what you feel is important for the town.