Building a life on Block Island

Thu, 10/24/2019 - 8:30pm

It has been, to say the least, a mixed-up October. Some of the most beautiful weather we’ve had all year has been tinged with some bad news, including the sudden resignation of Town Manager Ed Roberge, who will be leaving in a couple of months.

But here is the good news: five deserving families and individuals — hard-working, decent people — now will have homes on Block Island and can, with some assurance, settle down and continue their lives here. This has been a long process, but here we are, and for, them, it must feel like a new day.

This story is an adjunct to something that happened earlier this year: small families and individuals were able to move into the four cozy, affordable apartments on the top floor of the Harbor Church. These are all good, hardworking, contributing members of our community. These people now live and work here and will help guide the future of Block Island.

The flow of young people and families has all too often gone in the opposite direction. Unable to find housing, tired of moving every six months, they head to the mainland to look for a better sense of economic and lifestyle stability. This trend has been stemmed, somewhat.

So, alongside this fraught atmosphere is another story of people finding a future, and hope, here on Block Island.

This is a good trend. This is good news, and it will continue.