Blood Drive July 1

Fri, 06/25/2021 - 9:15am

To the Editor:
Our next blood drive will be Thursday, July 1st at the Block Island School gymnasium from 10 am til 3:45 pm. There are two very good reasons for donating. The first is obvious--you will save lives. The second is you will receive a handsome, patriotic T-shirt naming you as a blood donor. It is imperative that you call for an appointment at 401-453-8383. The good news is that we already have 24 appointments and we can take no more than 46.
Unhappily there is some difficult news. We are in a blood emergency. I’ve never heard this term before. Not only Rhode Island but the entire country has this problem. Of course this problem has arisen because of Covid. We have experienced in Rhode Island 70 percent fewer blood drives and significantly fewer youth first timers. There are 200 fewer donations every week. And, to make matters worse, there has been a higher demand as hospitals need more blood to conduct surgeries postponed during the pandemic. Accordingly, a greater need and fewer donations presents this shortage.
In addition to giving, please urge 10 friends to donate. We are more likely to give to charity when asked, and giving blood is no different. The need is so great we are holding an additional blood drive on August 11th. We hope to capture summer residents and guests. There will be full information on this drive later.


• Age 16 can give blood with a parent’s permission. Forms are at the school.
• Age 17 and older can donate and there is no upper age cutoff. Those who have had Lyme disease may be eligible. Those who have had Babesiosis can give in two years. If you have any questions about eligibility call (401) 453-5307 and speak with a specialist.
• Bring a photo ID.
Appointments are the preferred method of signing up. This permits donations to be speeded up. Walkins are welcome but appointments are best. You are essential. The need is greater than ever. Give hope by giving blood.

Peter Greenman
Rhode Island Blood Center