Block Islanders getting creative with social distancing

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 6:30pm

The Block Island Times posed a question on social media, asking the island community: How are you entertaining yourself or practicing safe social distancing during these times?

Listed below are comments shared from the island community:

“Sewing and art... And of course Netflix.” — Kellie Donovan

“Spending a few hours each morning reading and writing with my grandson, getting as much fresh air as possible, yard work, general household neglected organization, Netflix, ukulele practice, and having fun.” — Lisa Sprague

“I put together an island wide, family friendly scavenger hunt hoping to get people outside and creative. The deadline to sign up for the scavenger hunt is Friday by 5 p.m. I just want everyone to have fun and be creative. I’m creating the point system but no one will see the values until the end. I will buy a $30 gift certificate for Rebecca’s for the kids in the family to split so we can all look ahead to the time when we are enjoying milkshakes and summer. Remember, this too shall pass. Let’s enjoy the outdoors and some quality family time together but apart. I’ll put an old milk box on my porch for the drop off stuff. Just put it in a bag with your name on it. Cheers!” — Heather Hatfield. The “scavenger hunt” list of items to find is currently posted to Hatfield’s Facebook.

“Not watching or reading news media!” — Peter Krawetzky

“Hanging with Sailor after work.” —Joseph Houlihan.

“Gratitude lists.” — Jill Kirby Seppa. (See photo.)

“Getting long-term jobs done around the house.” — Roberta Wheeler McCormick

“Netflix, Amazon Audible.” — Glenn Ross

“Audio books!” — Jeffrey Foley

“Vodka.” — Will Murray

“Crafting!” — Eileen Birk.

“Talking on the phone with old friends.” — Margie Comings

“I perfected The Lone Ranger on my cheeks.” — Sarah Barkley

“I love watching the town council live streams. I hope you continue to live stream the meetings after this crisis is over.” — Eric Gustafson