Block Island Yacht Club Creative Writing Contest

Fri, 06/04/2021 - 9:00am

To the Editor,
The Block Island Yacht Club Creative Writing Contest had another great year despite the circumstances, and I want to thank everyone who helped make it a success. First I want to thank the BIYC members for supporting the contest with their financial contributions; we did not have a sponsor this year so these contributions helped insure that we could award the prizes! Thanks to Renee Meyer, The Block Island Times staff and Mike Schroeder for publishing the winning stories. Lynn Loya and Michael Petrik from the Block Island School helped me coordinate the timing, assisted with the guidelines and most importantly made sure that the word was out to the students. I also want to thank Principal Kristine Monje for allowing the contest to go forward every year. Obviously, we could not have a contest without the students! This year we had six students submit stories and the judges had a very difficult time picking the winners due to the quality of all submissions. Finally, thank you to our three judges who put the time in to read and critique all the stories!

William Young
BIYC Creative Writing Contest Director