BI Health Services looks forward for 2022

Wed, 01/12/2022 - 7:30am

To the Block Island community,

Happy New Year Block Island! I am excited to share some advancements at the Block Island Health Services for 2022.

During 2021, we began putting key elements into place to transform the medical center into a comprehensive primary care health facility that is focused on your quality care outcomes and population health for the entire island.
A foundational need on this journey is to align with mainland medical communities that value quality. BIHS has been successfully accepted into Integra, Rhode Island’s first partnership between a physician organization and hospital system. Integra is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with the ability to assist BIHS to coordinate high quality evidence-based care to our island community. This brings the medical center into the 21st century by providing data analytics, continuous process improvement and access to modern case management desperately needed on the island.
The medical center remains completely independent, as it always has been. ACO partnerships have become common over the last decade as U.S. medicine is evolving into payment for quality performance rather than volume.

This cultural shift is a necessary piece of our Aging in Place vision to allow elders to remain on the island safely and independently. Also, this step forward allows BIHS access to modern financial relationships that reward organizations for high quality care. This enhanced financial relationship allows for greater economic stability for the medical center, ensuring that we can be here for future island needs.

I am planning a series of letters to our community outlining specifics on what these changes in quality, population health, and financial alignments mean to you. For now, please know that BIHS is taking steps to create a quality-focused healthcare organization that is sustainable for the island. We will also be hosting future meetings to answer specific questions from the community about our vision and renovations.
Talk to you soon,
Thomas Warcup DO, MHA
Medical Director/CEO
Block Island Health Services