Bed and Bistro in Narragansett

In Narragansett
Sat, 12/31/2016 - 6:30am

If you find yourself off-island on a weekday and need a place to stay, you should head straight to The Bed and Bistro in Narragansett.

The nightly rate for islanders is only $75 during the off season and during the week. In fact, at any time of the year, Block Islanders get a $25 discount. And the price includes a $10 voucher for breakfast or any other meal at Crazy Burger. Now, that’s a good deal. 

Crazy Burger and The Bed and Bistro have a common owner, Mike Maxon. Twenty years ago, Mike was the chef at the famed (and recently closed) Rue De L’Espoir in Providence. He noticed the growing popularity of alternative dining, such as vegan dishes, and so he moved south to open Crazy Burger. Buoyed by the phenomenal success of this fun and eclectic dining place, Mike was inspired to do something new and demonstrate that he was “not a one trick pony” — as he said. Now he has another success on his resumé.

Bed and Bistro is a six-room inn on Narragansett Street with a full-scale restaurant on the first floor. The rooms are spotlessly clean with full baths and a bright and informal décor. All have cable access and are air-conditioned.

The Bistro menu features locally-sourced food and drink with a seasonal menu. They promote the fact that the Bistro is “Omnivore, Paleo, Gluten free, vegan, and locavore friendly.” It is open Thursday through Monday.

Mike has recently introduced Tapas Sundays, Mexican Mondays and Noodle Thursdays.

The menu includes small plates like Hummabouli Bites — hummus and tabbouleh fritters with cucumber and roasted jalapeno guacamole. Large plates include Baffoni Chicken: fried Statler chicken breast with crimini-chorizo gravy, crusty cornbread, apple cole slaw and Cajun fries. There are seafood dishes such as scallops, shrimp, calamari and salmon, and also pork, beef and duck.

This is a bistro with its own very distinct personality. A review of the menu leaves you trying to decide which of the many offerings to try first. 

I spoke with Nicole Lapre, who has been with Mike for 18 years. She described the staff as “family.” Most have been with him for years and provide fast, friendly and efficient service.

Actually, the entire experience of visiting Crazy Burger and The Bed and Bistro provides a sense of “Block Island on the mainland.” There is a comfortable informality to the spaces and the vibe. The place, the product, and the people could just as well be on our island.

Visit and

Bed and Bistro, 83 Narragansett Ave., Narragansett, R.I. 02882. (401) 284-3535.

Crazy Burger, 144 Boon Street, Narragansett, R.I. 02882. (401) 783-1810.