Ballard’s ordered not to have live music performances until court review on September 8

Sat, 08/27/2022 - 1:30pm

Per an order issued by the Rhode Island Superior Court on Friday, August 26, Shoreham Inc. doing business as Ballard’s Inn has been issued an “Emergency Motion to Stay” on the matter of the suspension of its entertainment license.

But the stay comes with significant conditions. Ballard’s has been ordered to not have any live music and they may not do any paid advertising for music to be held at the resort for the remainder of the season. Further, they must have “at least four security guards on weekdays and seven security guards on weekends, all of whom shall be wearing identifiable ‘security clothing’…”

The matter came before a “single justice of this Court, sitting as Duty Justice, on the petitioner’s ‘Emergency Motion to Stay’” and will be subject to review by a “full Court” on September 8.

Earlier in the week, the Department of Business Regulation granted Ballard’s a stay on the suspension of its liquor license. In the decision, it states that “The testimony supports that the crowds came for the music.” (In other words, the decision concludes that it was the free Reggae Fest, not the alcohol that attracted the crowds to Ballard’s on August 8.) The Department of Business Regulation has no authority when it comes to entertainment licenses.