For all the world

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 7:30pm

Each year, at the Thanksgiving Ecumenical Concert, Mary Donnelly reads the names of those people who died during the past year abd who either lived on, or had some association with, Block Island. After she has read the names, Mary includes a little prayer, which she writes, and which also is appropriate for the Thanksgiving season.

With Mary’s permission, we’ve reprinted what she had to say here:

“I am ashamed to say the same thing year after year, but some things never seem to change. Our world that we live in is full of turmoil and death. Members of the military, and adults, children, the homeless, the starving, the abused, are dying every day. What a litany!”

“Please remember these people in a prayer every day, and thank God for the country we live in — and ask Him, while He is at it, to guide our President in all things right and just — not only for the country but for all the world.”