Accolades for BIPCo

Fri, 05/13/2022 - 11:30am

To the Editor,
Many thanks to the Block Island Power Company for the huge strides made the past several years. Most apparent are the replacement of poles and the clearing of
vegetation along the power lines. Both of those dramatic improvements will serve us well in hurricanes and blizzards and in the many gales that hit us throughout the year. Meriting special thanks are improvements that bring efficiencies in electrical generation and operational costs - the most notable being the delta-wye transition. The groundwork for that was laid over the months as transformers were hung here and there and then – Voilà - we all became aware of the significance when notified of planned island-wide shutdowns during the night, as connections were changed to bring it all into effect. In spite of their diligence throughout the process, the team wisely worried about the success of that final switch - asking themselves if all had been properly done. That reminded us of situations we’ve experienced, knowing that worry can be a healthy mechanism that brings success. And yes, the transfer went smoothly.
We also want to compliment the leadership at BIPCo for fostering a company-wide sense of pride in their work. As we composed this letter, the two leaders - Jeffery Wright, president of BIPCO, and Barbara MacMullan, chair of the governing Utility District - reminded us to thank everyone: the linemen (always a dangerous job), the electricians, mechanics, consultants, the administrative staff, the trustees of the utility district, and the contract workers who installed the equipment and cleared the vegetation. We also want to thank the voters, ratepayers and Town Councils that supported the idea of a utility district. And too, we want to thank the administrative staff for the company’s website - when paying our electric bills online, it’s far easier to use than those of Verizon, AT&T, etc.
We also want to applaud the communication skills of Jeffery Wright for keeping us - the public - informed. What a luxury - how did the island get so lucky! We were impressed by how he responded to compliments about the smooth operation of the delta-wye transition knowing that he and his team had worried considerably. As he said,
“I’ve learned the difference between big company projects and smaller company projects with this one. When you work for a smaller company you have an enormous and sometimes overwhelming emotional stake in the outcome more than any big company project. I think I’ve caught the Block Island bug and just want to make more of a difference! Thanks for your comments!”
Their commitment to the community, quality service, and harmony is greatly appreciated.

Keith and Kay Lewis
Off Cooneymus Road