New Listing! 602 Corn Neck Road- “The Jug”

Wed, 10/12/2022 - 2:30pm

The sound of surf through an open window alerts your senses and wakes your curiosity pulling you towards a new day, as it is here that every day begins with a new memory, a new story to be told. There are no properties on the market like “The Jug“ as it has fondly been called by family friends and previous tenants. It invokes memories of childhood where you ran free to create new kingdoms of adventure which filled whole summers from beginning to end. Start the day with a walk on the beach at sunrise and end the day watching the sun set over Harbor Pond.

Every day there is something offered effortlessly by the surrounding marine environment. “The Jug” is a time capsule to what island life is, should be, once was, with the sea on both sides you have everything a summer could ever offer. Whether you go paddle boarding, kayaking, or clamming for your evening meal this property provides all with its unique location that brings you into nature by a mere glance around you. The present owner said it best “I’ve tried to keep the property true to those old values, where what is important is family, the sound of the surf through my open bedroom window, and the tidal pond where I used to catch minnows off the dock in my back yard”. This three season two-bedroom one bath snug little Jug is waiting for you.

Listed for $2,800,000 

Please contact Wendy Crawford