Fishing Report - The Big Girls are here...

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 12:38am

July 15th, 2014

It's taken a little while, but the big Stripers have moved in around the Island over the past couple of weeks offering great angling from the shore and boat.  With the mountains of bait still here these fish should stay put for awhile.   Nate Shaw caught his first ever striped bass -  a 47lber -  fishing with Capt. Chris Willi fishing the East side using a 6" rainbow trout sluggo on light tackle.   13yr old Cole Perschino, all the way from GA,  topped that one with a 50.5lber fishing eels at 2:30 in the morning with Capt. Matt King- largest bass weighed in on B.I. thus far. His Uncle Rob released a fish bigger than Cole's on that same drift.  The big girls are here for sure.

Surf fishermen are catching  at virtually every hole around the Island.  From North Light, to Old Harbor Pt, to Southwest Pt., bass up to 30lbs have been taken.   Super Strike needlefish, Bombers, and eels are the preferred baits.  You will need to put in your time at night however, this is when the bite happens and usually around the tide.

Black Seabass season is now open and they are one of the best tasting fish from these waters.  Fishing for them is very easy and often requires no bait.  A simple diamond jig and teaser work fine but squid on a hi-lo rig is the most popular methodology.  Porgy, aka Scup, are also caught this way and are great to eat as well - the reef at North Light has held some big scup (aka 'hubcaps') in close to shore.  The Coast Guard Channel also has had scup and a decent amount of fluke this season.

There has been some decent fly-fishing, mostly at dawn , dusk, or night at Charleston Beach, Coast Guard Channel, and Mansion to Scotch Beach.  We've been really successful fly-fishing  from the boat using 4"sandeel colored flatwings.  But the 'bait n switch' method is the go to technique to get the tough fish to eat.

Offshore fishing is looking promising with Bluefin Tuna within 30miles of the Island.  One local boat took the first B.I. Bluefin in mid June.  The Canyons have yielded some smaller Yellowfin Tuna and sporadic reports of Bigeyes.  There's plenty of life out there - each trip we've taken has seen porpoise, whales, and the occasional turtle or shark - and loads of bait.

Want more info, need bait, a charter boat, or the tackle that's working - then stop by the shop at 40 Ocean Ave between 8am and 6pm and we'll give you the most accurate reports on Island.

-  Capt. Chris Willi

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