Fat Alberts and Bones... the Fall Run

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 12:55am

On a scale of 1-10, August gets an 8.  Bass fishing dropped a bit in the last part of the month, still good fishing but not lights out.  A smaller class of fish has moved in and can be found in the shallower water. Most of the cow bass have moved on - or are just depleted from the constant hammering they got since the first week of July.  What was witnessed this summer was staggering when compared to past years.  Upwards of 250 boats could be counted on the SW corner of the Island on any given weekend.  NY, CT, MA, and RI - four states beating the crap out of a broodstock bass population that could have renewed the resource for future years.  What's even more unsettling is that enforcement agencies were seen maybe once.  Tightened regulations will be a welcome change - I personally would like to see a 1 fish per person slot limit regulation go into effect.  As it is now,all but one of the Island charter boats have a self imposed 1 bass per person limit, some are using a slot limit already.  Something has got to change or we'll end up in the same predicament as we did in the 80's - making us stupid for not learning from past mistakes.
On a different note, seabass and fluke held strong with some monsters being caught in deeper water.  Big scup are being caught pretty much everywhere as well.  Shore fishing has been much better than last year with some 20lbers taken from the surf.  Needles and surface plugs have been the weapon of choice.  To get and up to date no nonsense shore report, stop in our shop on Ocean Ave - Hank and Mark will get you headed in the right direction.
Recent reports from offshore are as expected for this time of the season - night bite from the Tails to the Dip or go to the Hudson.  Crazy numbers are being pulled - 30+ bigeye on the night bite, 20+ YFT's up to 80lbs...  nuts.  If you go - expect a crowd.
Lastly, the long awaited arrival of our little speed demons has happened. Albies (Fat Alberts) have made their appearance and we've had good numbers in and outside the harbor. Bonito (Bones) showed up 2 weeks ago and made for the first Grand Slam of the season last Monday.  Old Harbor, New Harbor, Clayhead, the rip, and the Bell Buoy all have reports of these fish... so go look.  Metal and small sluggos did the trick for spin fishing, and larger sandeel patterns worked for fly guys.

Want to chase these fish on light tackle or by fly?  Call Capt. Chris at 401-742-3992 and book a fall trip.