Cow Bass and Big Tuna

Thu, 08/14/2014 - 6:26pm

August 14, 2014

The Cow Bass Parade has slowed down a bit on the South Side of the Island, meaning it's no longer a 'sure thing' in catching a 30+lber like it was a couple weeks ago - but it's still good fishing. Water temps are hovering below 70 degrees which is good for August, and the bait is still here. Seems to be when the tides running the hardest the bite is best.  The vast majority of the boats are fishing live eels, but we've found plenty of success on artificials.  The fact is, we've done better with soft plastics (Hurleys, Sluggo's, Hogy's) than with live bait!  BUT... the bluefish have been reeking havoc on the gear regardless of what you used.  These indiscriminate yellow eyed hellions are everywhere, and BIG.  We landed a 35" bluefish last week, enormous, as were most of them that day.  Speaking of bluefish, the inaugural Block Island Bluefish Derby ended the 9th with Blaize Hatfield winning the junior division with a 32.5" beast, and Caelan Kerin won the adult division with a 31.5"er.   Both walked away with a cool $250 Grand Prize and a Penn rod and Reel donated by the Penn Fishing Team for there weekly win.

The J&B TriState Canyon Shootout was held last week and had 85 boats fishing for the biggest Tuna, Wahoo, Swordfish, and Mahi.  In the end, the Tami Ann took the prize for big eye tuna (278.5 pounds), the Blue Eyes for albacore (61.5 pounds) and the Tri-Fishecta (123.5), the Bella Donna for yellow fin tuna (86.5 pounds), the White Water for swordfish (146 pounds), the Jolly Mon for wahoo (64 pounds), and the Pension Plan for mahi(20 pounds).  Some of the local talent made a showing with the 2nd largest Albacore (Paul Caval and Chris Benin on Outer Limits)  and the 2nd largest Swordfish at 138 was caught by Devils Fiddle (Ross Nasin, Chris Willi, Karl Gann).  The biggest payout was for $301k this year to the Tami Ann.

August fishing is going strong - stop by Block Island Fishworks on Ocean Ave for an up to the hour report from our local experts.  Light Tackle and fly Fishing trips will run into October - a few bonito have been caught meaning the Albies shouldn't be far behind!  Book your trip today!

~ Capt Chris Willi