Chris Agee poetry reading

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Sat, 09/28/2019 - 12:35pm

Chris Agee
poet * essayist * editor * photographer

and Island friend since 1966
Agee will be reading his Block Island poems and selections from Blue Sandbar Moon.

Blue Sandbar Moon explores with delicate precision the emotional and spiritual landscape of a life sustained in “the aftermath of aftermath.” Consisting mainly of 174 untitled, interconnected short poems, the collection evolves with technical grace and meditative clarity to present a holistic and searching vision of worlds in motion – both public and private, natural and imagined, the seen and the sensed.
With a characteristically lucent understanding of the inner architectures of memory, grief, hope, and art itself, Agee creates a mosaic of days and hours – a “micro-epic” that is at once fluently accessible and formally path-breaking. Blending the pulse of poetry with the flex and heft of prose, the result is a genre-defying work of deep feeling and distinct literary importance.

Please join us Saturday

September 28th at 3pm

Island Free Library